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We are a law firm dedicated to providing accessible, experienced, compassionate, and excellent advocacy to Indiana individuals and families.

Our practice focuses on guardianships/guardianship administration, adoptions, estate planning, health care/elder care planning, and probate.

We are committed to empathetic, yet assertive advocacy, whether that be in the context of collaborative negotiation, mediation, or respectful litigation.

And we are intentional in our creation of a welcoming, yet professional environment for our clients and our community.

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Your Digital Afterlife

Many of our clients joke that the first instruction to the Personal Representative administering their estate will be to delete the entire browsing history of their computers.

A “digital afterlife” is no longer a concept relegated to eerie sci-fi movies and, as of this week, Facebook (and several other platforms) are now allowing members to designate “legacy contacts” to manage parts of their accounts and edit a deceased person’s online presence. 

Check the security settings of your personal Facebook page to designate a legacy contact for your account (you might want to let the lucky designee know that you’ve done so.)

Making choices for the disposition of digital “assets” is just one small part of a much broader conversation about estate planning.
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